Indonesia Herb Spices

Due to its production of essential spices, Indonesia had a significant role in the growth of international trade in the 17th and 18th centuries. Spice trade will start by traveling over several marine areas to reach different places on the continents of Asia, Africa, and Europe when the precise timing is known.

Due to the high profit margins, cloves and other spices from Indonesia are traded over large distances. In the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, the spice trade on the European continent helped the nations whose territories surrounded the Mediterranean Sea prosper.

Indonesia Herb Spices

The benefits of the spice trade create immense riches, which promotes the rise of new nations. the city, which later played a crucial strategic role in changing the feudal order into a modern civilization.

The prosperity that comes from the spice trade has also fueled technological innovation, particularly in the maritme sector.

These circumstances account for the Asian traders’ decision to keep their knowledge of sea routes to the spice islands a secret from other traders. As a result, until the region’s spice route was established in the 15th century, Europeans were unaware of Indonesia’s production of the spice. Their various attempts to learn where the spices on the islands are located have yielded no information.

Indonesia Herb Spices

It led Europeans to explore the waters in their search to locate areas that produced spices.

The effort actually resulted to the discovery of new and varied knowledge for the continent. The practice of colonialism by Europeans against populations on other continents has had other effects.

Due to the high demand for these spices on the global market, production areas are encouraged.

Indonesia Herb Spices

The Portuguese were successful in capturing Malacca in 1511. Thanks to the assistance of Malays sailors who are familiar with the maritime routes to those regions, they were able to reach the Maluku and Banda islands a year later. The Portuguese arrived first, followed about eight years later by the Spaniards. Portuguese and Spain are vying with one another for control of the spice trade as it develops.

The Dutch fleet is able to purchase significant quantities of spices in North Maluku and band as a result of their success in forging solid relationships, alright. When the van Neck-led fleet arrived in Europe, the proceeds from the sale of spices that had been bought in the Indonesian archipelago provided a profit.

Indonesia Herb Spices

The Dutch government decided to establish the VOC (Verenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie/East India Trading Company) in 1602 to combat the drop in the price of spices

Dutch commerce activity may now be organized under a single, more easily managed institution thanks to the founding of the VOC. In addition, VOC is able to gather substantial sums of money from many cities’ trade, which traditionally held operations like the spice trade individually.

Indonesia Herb Spices

Controlling the trade in cloves and nutmeg was the VOC’s major goal when it came to the Indonesian spice market.

Batavia became the focus of urban life activities and activities management in addition to being a center of activity trade for the VOC.


Up to the end of the 17th century, the VOC benefited greatly from the activities of the spice trade. Due to Batavia’s success in fulfilling its role as the hub of trade activity in Southeast Asia, this trading airline can prosper.

Indonesia is an agricultural country because agriculture has an important role. The agricultural sector is able to encourage the Indonesian people to have a decent life with increasing economies of scale, and the agricultural sector is also the highest contributor to Indonesia’s economic growth. Such as vegetables, fruits, herbs, spices, and so on.

Indonesia is also known as a country with abundant herbs and spices. Indonesia is the best herbs and spice-producing country because spices can thrive on Indonesian soil and have 30 to 40 types of spices such as tubers, wood, leaves, and seeds.


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These herbs and spices are usually used for cooking spices or the main ingredient of drinks. Herb and spice cultivation is divided into two, namely easy and difficult. Ginger, turmeric, laos, galangal, kencur, lemongrass, and so on are included in the herbs and spices that are easy to cultivate. The herbs and spices that are difficult to cultivate include cloves, tamarind, candlenut, cardamom, pepper, bay leaf, cinnamon, and so on.

Herbs and spices are plant parts derived from stems, leaves, bark, tubers, rhizomes (rhizomes), roots, seeds, flowers or other plant body parts. Examples of herbs and spices that are seeds from plants include fennel seeds, cumin and coriander. Herbs and spices made from rhizomes, among others, are obtained from ginger, turmeric, galangal, temulawak, and cardamom plants. Leaves are plant parts that are often used as  herbs and spices, especially as a flavor enhancer and food aroma. The leaves that are often used include lime leaves, bay leaves, celery, and pandan leaves.



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Here the facts about Herb and Spices

What is cinnamon best used for?

On toast and in lattes, cinnamon is a spice.  The extracts from the cinnamon tree’s bark, leaves, blossoms, fruits, and roots have also been utilized in traditional medicines all throughout the world. It is added to many foods and used in baking and cooking.

Can you eat cloves cooked?

Cloves are used to flavor food, although they are not normally consumed whole, like cinnamon sticks, star anise, and bay leaves. Better is expected of cloves than this. They become flavorful and soft when cooked.


What is black pepper used for?

To add flavor and spice to foods including meats, fish, vegetables, pasta, and more, use black pepper as an ingredient in recipes.




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