spice from the pepper tree that comes in the form of granules



Black pepper is a well-liked spice that is raised worldwide as a tropical and subtropical plant. Black pepper is regarded as the “King of Spices” and the “King of Medicinal Agents” due to the large number of bioactive chemicals it contains that have pharmacological and nutraceutical uses.

black pepper

Due to their therapeutic potential against a variety of ailments, the bioactive components tat contain in black pepper are of utmost importance. They are typically categorized as functional foods since they not only offer essential nourishment but also physiological advantages and support the prevention of chronic illness.

Indonesia Herb and Spices as the largest clove provider in Indonesia, ready to supply large quantities of clove throughout the world. We only provide clove of the highest quality. Our black pepper has an evenly black color, no gray spots, has a spicy aroma, whole grains and is not moldy.

black pepper

The advantages of Indonesia Herb and Spices Black Pepper

  1. Not easily broken
  2. Not easy to rot
  3. Have strong taste and aroma

From the above advantages, our black pepper will be able to support your business both in the food and medical fields.

Our goods are available in controlled warehouse and ready to be shipped. We have experience since 2005 in export. You can send an inquiry and communicate with our team about the black pepper that you need.

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