the aromatic flower buds of a tree



One of the most aromatic spices, clove, has been used for ages as a food preservative and for a variety of therapeutic uses. It is currently grown around the world, especially in Indonesia. This plant has a significant deal of promise for use in medicinal, cosmetic, food, and agricultural applications.


Clove has more antioxidant and antibacterial activity than many other fruits, vegetables, and spices, thus it warrants special consideration.

Indonesia Herb and Spices as the largest clove provider in Indonesia, ready to supply large quantities of clove throughout the world. We only provide clove of the highest quality. Our clove has a reddish brown color, dry (not moist or wet), and also has a strong characteristic aroma.


The advantages of Indonesia Herb and Spices Clove

  1. Not easily broken
  2. Not easy to rot
  3. Have strong taste and aroma

From the above advantages, our clove will be able to support your business both in the food and medical fields.

Our goods are available in controlled warehouse and ready to be shipped. We have experience since 2005 in export. You can send an inquiry and communicate with our team about the clove that you need.

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