cinnamon spice

Cinnamon spice is known to have a typical scent and aroma. It is used for cooking mainly to improve the taste of various types of dishes, beverages, and desserts. The aroma is sweet so that when it is added, it just simply enhances your appetite.

But do you know that cinnamon spice also has some health benefits? Since many years ago, cinnamon has been used for traditional health treatments. At least, there are 4 health benefits you can get by consuming the essence or water of cinnamon. Here they are.

Natural Weight Loss Treatment

Many people know cinnamon water as an effective natural weight loss treatment. Based on some research, spice helps increase the metabolism of the body as well as fasten the burning of fat. Cinnamon enhances the process of thermogenesis or the body’s thermal production up to 20%. It causes the burning of more calories.

Although the aroma of cinnamon can improve the appetite, for some people it also helps them in limiting or controlling the amount to consume. If you are not eating too much, consequently, the calories accumulated are also less.

So, are you interested in losing weight immediately? Well, aside from adding cinnamon to your dishes, you can also drink cinnamon water. How to make cinnamon water? It is very easy. Just boil some pieces of cinnamon with around 2 glasses of water. Consume it regularly twice a day. You can see the result only in a few days.

cinnamon spice

Diabetes Treatment

Cinnamon water is also recommended for consumption by diabetes patients. The essence of the spice is proven to control the sugar blood level. Substances contained in cinnamon work in cells to change sugar into energy. This is how the sugar blood level is stable after consuming this spice regularly.

In addition, it also contains an anti-inflammatory substance to help patients from diabetic complications such as the unhealed wound caused by damaged blood.

Sure, just like the weight loss thing, you can also add cinnamon to dishes and beverages you make. Cinnamon tends to have a sweet taste and aroma which helps decrease the use of sugar.

Relieving Inflammation

People with Inflammation problems such as arthritis are also suggested to add cinnamon pieces to their foods and drinks. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory substance, the spice helps you relieve pain caused by Inflammation. At the same time, it also diminishes the amount of inflammation in your body.

When consuming water also has an important role to improve blood circulation. It is good to prevent Inflammation from coming again in the future.

Strengthening the Body’s Immune System

Cinnamon contains some types of antioxidants including polyphenols and proanthocyanidins with antivirus, antibacterial, and antifungal characteristics. Sure, the consumption of cinnamon essence regularly decreases the growth of any health problems.

Yes, you can consume it in the form of cinnamon water. However, it is also good to add to dishes with other healthy ingredients such as vegetables, nuts, or grains. For all the health benefits it gives, make sure to always provide the cinnamon spice in your kitchen.

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