clove spice uses

Because clove has many great benefits for health, it is interesting and important to know about clove spice uses. It sounds great so that you should find creative ideas to get started. As we know, clove supports anti-aging, helps regulate hunger level, benefits skin health, etc. That’s why this herp is worth it in your pantry. If you want to incorporate it into your diet, we have a few ideas you can consider.

Some Clove Spice Uses That Inspire You

Below are some ways or ideas to use clove herbs or spices. Or you can be more creative in using it. But if you have no idea, just try the following recipes.

1. Clove for Chai Tea

It is a good idea to add clove into your chai tea. You must know that clove is beneficial due to its clearing & purifying nature.

2. Clove As a Natural Cleaner

With its antibacterial properties, clove works well as a natural cleaner. You can grab it in essential oil form & add some drops into water with you good smelling favorites. It is helpful to disinfect the surface in your home.

3. Smoothies with Clove

Besides that, it’s also great to add clove flavor into your smoothies. For example, you can add ground cloves & other warming species like nutmeg into your pumpkin smoothies.

4. Clove as an Air Freshener

One of the clove spice uses is as an air freshener. Clove is a perfect addition for those who love stovetop potpourri, thanks to its heavy spicy scent. You can combine some cloves with 2 cinnamon sticks as well as a splash of vanilla. So, your home will be full with a comforting aroma.

5. Baked Goods with Cloves

Then, adding clove into baked goods will amp up the cozy vibes instantly. For example, you will love your muffins added with cloves.

6. Clove as a Pomander

Making an aromatic ornament or pomander is another great way to make your home smell nice with cloves. In fact, cloves release an invigorating scent that may uplift your energy & space. To make it, you need an orange & a bag of whole cloves. Then, stick the cloves one by one into your orange.

7. Clove Syrup to Dress Up Desserts

First, simmer down water with some water with sugar & other spices for creating a syrup consistency. After that, use it to top cocktails, desserts, or even ice cream.

Why Do We Use Cloves?

You can use either ground or whole cloves. Often, people include whole clove in recipes and ground clove in spice mixes to add flavor and depth to different foods. Besides that, many people also use this small dark brown pod to season meats, spice up curries, flavor spiced baked goods, and enrich sauce like Worcestershire sauce.

So, clove spice uses vary. With antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, clove is helpful to reduce inflammation and improve digestion. In addition, clove contains beneficial minerals & vitamins such as fiber, manganese, vit. K, and vit. C.

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