black pepper spice

The main reason why people want to add black pepper spice to almost every dish is that it can improve the flavor of the foods. Nevertheless, black pepper in your foods is not only about flavor because it can also be great for supporting your health. Black pepper comes with several health benefits that are backed by science.

Rich in Antioxidants 

Free radicals can be produced in normal daily activities such as when exercising or digesting foods. However, pollution, sun rays, or smoking exposure can form excessive free radicals that will not be great for your body’s health. You can delay the damage effect of free radicals by eating foods that are rich in antioxidants, such as black pepper. It comes with a high content of antioxidants called piperine that can help you prevent the damage of free radicals to your cells.

Contains Anti-inflammatory Properties 

If you are dealing with some conditions, such as cancer, arthritis, diabetes, and heart disease, chronic inflammation can be the underlying factor associated with those health conditions. Piperine in black pepper can also act as an anti-inflammatory that can fight inflammation in animals according to some studies. However, we still do not know yet whether the same effect can also be found in humans or not.

Potential Benefits for Brain 

According to animal studies, piperine in black pepper can help improve brain function. It can reduce symptoms of diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. However, this positive result can be found in animal studies. Further verification must be made to find out if humans can also get the same result from black pepper.

Help Control Blood Sugar 

When made into an extract, black pepper shows some potential benefits to control blood sugar in animal studies. It will be great if the same effect of black pepper spice can also be experienced by humans although further research is necessary to know the result.

Help Lower Cholesterol Levels in the Blood 

High levels of cholesterol in the blood will increase the risk of heart disease. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the world. According to some studies in rodents, black pepper shows a great effect in reducing cholesterol levels. It also demonstrated another potential benefit to boosting the absorption of supplements for lowering cholesterol levels in the blood.

Contains Cancer-fighting Properties 

According to researchers’ hypothesis, piperine in black pepper might contain cancer-fighting properties although a human-trial has never been performed yet. During the test-tube studies, piperine can slow down the replication of colon, prostate, and breast cancer cells. It can even lead them to death.

Boost Nutrients Absorption 

Black pepper has more benefits for your health because it can also improve the absorption of some nutrients, especially calcium, and selenium. Some compounds in plants, such as in turmeric and green tea can be absorbed better with the help of black pepper.

Help Improve Gut Health 

Your gut bacteria makeup is essential for the function of the immune system, chronic disease, and mood. According to preliminary studies, consuming black pepper spice can increase the good bacteria in your gut.

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