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Clove Indonesia is a symbol of Indonesian national sovereignty, and many studies attribute cloves to being a spice plant native to the archipelago. The plant originates from the Maluku Islands, where Maluku plays a strategic role, has fertile soil suitable for commercial cultivation, and is also one of Indonesia’s major agricultural exports.

Maluku is the birthplace of cloves and the largest clove-producing region in the world. This highly economical seasoning not only serves as a spice in cooking, but cloves are also used to treat a variety of ailments and are used as a blend of typical Indonesian clove tobacco.

Cloves alone are a spice that is often used in cooking. Cloves are characterized by their unique aroma that enhances the aroma of food.

Clove spice belongs to tropical plants, and you can feel the effect after 4-5 years. While this clove is often used as a flavoring and fragrance enhancer in the culinary, beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and herbal medicine industries, cloves are also the largest absorbent in critic production.

How to Choose Best Clove Indonesia

Besides their culinary use, cloves are commonly used in a variety of traditional hot drinks. To get the good taste of cloves, you have to choose them correctly. Learn how to choose good clove Indonesia below.

1. Choose large-sized cloves.

There are large-size cloves and Penang cloves. However, to pick large cloves, you should choose cloves with clearly visible heads and stems.

2. Look at the color

Reddish-brown cloves are recommended as the best choice; choose cloves that still have buds and stamen tufts.

3. Pick dried cloves

The white flowers of cloves are often used as a spice in the kitchen due to their unique aroma. Moreover, the drier the cloves, the stronger the aroma. Then you can choose very dry cloves or mushrooms for the cloves at home.

4. Pick old cloves

Older carnations are black. Choose carnations that are deep black in color and have large carnation sizes.


Clove Powers and Benefits

Clove has many possibilities and uses.Besides being a spice, cloves actually have many other benefits!Cloves are often used as a spice to add flavor to foods and drinks. But is this the only benefit of cloves? Certainly not!  Here are some other benefits of cloves that you should know.

1. Economy 

Cloves are known as a staple of the spice trade and underpin the country’s economy. Cloves are not only used as raw materials for tobacco but also play an important role in the development of plantations at the national level.

2. Food and drink 

Clove Indonesia is commonly used as a spice and seasoning in cooking, but the leaves themselves can also be brewed into tea. The benefits are good for digestion!

3. Health 

In the health field, clove has been known as a medicinal ingredient since the days of our ancestors. Its various benefits include maintaining a healthy digestive system, preventing infections, maintaining heart health, and fighting cancer.

4. Beauty 

Several studies have shown that extracts of the active ingredients from clove Indonesia can treat acne, treat hair loss, treat dental health, and even smooth the skin.

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