black pepper made from

Many of you are maybe questioning about black pepper made from the whole beans only or are there any other ingredients there? This is a simple yet important question that must be answered. 

It is especially if you are someone who really care about quality. Choosing the best product is a must because it may add the unique and more delicious taste for your food. 

Besides finding more about that, all of us know that pepper usually divides to two different types. Those are white and black. The shapes or products sold in the market are different too. 

The common ones are in powder or granules (bean). So, here is the further information about what is black pepper made from and other things to know. 

What is Black Pepper Made From

Pepper is made from the fruits of this plant which is known as Peper nigra. The fruits are roubd and in small size. The diameter is around one or two millimeter. Since it’s round in shape, usually it will be processed further to make it into powder. 

This fruit has a spicy taste, warm, and bit bitter. Although it is spicy, but it is not as spicy as the chilies that have a substance called capsaicin. The spicy sensation of pepper is created by a substance called piperine inside the fruit. 

black pepper made from

Now we know what is black pepper made from. Usually, there are some foods that are suitable to use the white or maybe the black pepper. 

It raises another question whether these types are actually the same or maybe different. It is because the taste is also a bit different where white pepper is lighter. 

Other Fun Facts

After knowing what is black pepper made from, there are still some other fun facts to explore. Here is the facts that we are talking about this plant and herb. 

  1. Those Types are from the same plant

Although black and whitepeppers have the different taste, both of them are actually coming from the same tree. Then, what are the things that make them different? 

Actually it is related to the age of when the fruit is harvested and the processes ahead. Blackpepper is taken from the fruits that are not ripe enough. 

  1. The Process

Well, the process of this fruit is what makes these two peppers have different colors. Before processing, the fully immature fruits of will be boiled for a while.

This is useful for breaking up the outer skin of this fruit. Then, the boiled pepper will be dried in the sun for several days until dry. Because it is dried in the sun, the skin becomes wrinkled and the color turns dark.

  1. Black pepper has a stronger taste

Besides understanding what is black pepper made from, you should know why it has the stronger taste as well. The spicy sensation of many black pepper is more complex or richer than white one.

It is caused by the outer layer on the fruit used for blackpepper. It has compounds that can add the overall taste of this type. 

This outer layer on blackpepper gives another taste like fruit and flowers where is richer. That is what black pepper made from and some fun facts about it. 

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