indonesia spices

Talking about the characteristics of Indonesian cuisine, then Indonesia spices will definitely be immediately mentioned. Because, after all, the taste presented by these spices makes the taste attractive and by the tongue of the Indonesian people. 

Not only that, but this also has features that are adjusted to the background of the producing area. Indonesians, when asked what their favorite food is, most of them will answer authentic Indonesian food. 

This is because the type of Indonesian food is designed to be very similar to what the tongue wants, and the presentation also comes directly from the seasoning characteristics. So that there are many variations of foreign food, and what is chosen is still typical Indonesian food.


Indonesian dishes and dishes are also well-known worldwide for having a unique and delicious taste. Typical Indonesian food is hot to get a claim as one of the best-tasting dishes in the world. If so, what deserves recognition is also the seasoning.

Indonesian Spices in Cooking Process

We will first discuss the characteristics of Indonesia spices to make Indonesian dishes and recipes arguably one of the most delicious in the world. The taste of Indonesian cuisine has remained the same from time to time because it has been adapted directly from the region and tribe.

The character of Indonesian dishes and spices is spicy. It’s rare to find Indonesians who don’t like spicy food. This comes from turmeric, pepper, chili, and coriander. Besides being spicy, Indonesian specialties are also known as the most delicious. Using these mixed spices creates a perfect aroma and taste; of course, it will arouse everyone’s taste.

Some types of Indonesian food are also known to be very oily or greasy. I am still determining the primary taste of food; it can be spicy, sweet, sour, or salty, which is considered oily. And this is what makes Indonesian spices and seasonings quite different from most regions.

Sweetness also must be addressed when talking about the taste of Indonesian food. Cooking with special spices will make it taste sweet; try Gudeg Yogyakarta. But this is also offset by salty dishes, familiar in typical Indonesian seafood dishes.

But when it comes to Indonesian dishes and spices, my favorite is the hot and sweet. The combination of spicy and sweet is perfect, and this is in Indonesia. An example is noodles mixed with soy sauce.

Most Popular Indonesia Spices in Cuisine

Of course, all those flavor combinations come from the right spices. Indonesia has hundreds or even thousands of options for spices because each region has its own name and version of spices. 

And the most used Indonesia spices can undoubtedly support the taste that suits the character of the tongue and mouth of the Indonesian people. Special mention goes to the cinnamon, which can bring out both sweet and bitter flavors at the same time. 

This is liked by many Indonesians because of the aroma that comes with spices. But when discussing those more often used in typical dishes, we can easily say nuts, ginger, nutmeg, cloves, turmeric, and chilies, which are generally always present in food preparation.

The characteristics of Indonesian cuisine are timeless. Most of these Indonesian dishes are favorites because they suit the Indonesian tongue. Especially with the addition of some Indonesian spices, this can be very suitable for foreigners who come to Indonesia.

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