clove herb benefits

Clove is not the most common in daily recipes. However, it is really worth it especially if your purpose is for diet. This flower bud comes from a kind of tropical evergreen tree. Many countries have used it in various types of cuisines. When it comes to clove herb benefits, you need to thank to its pain-relieving abilities. Besides that, this herb is also antioxidant-rich that supports your body in many ways such as supporting digestive discomfort, helping with inflammation, and keeping the levels of blood sugar balanced.

Clove Herb Benefits

Surprisingly, clove has great benefits for health. Well-known as an aromatic and sweet spice, traditional medicine often uses it. Now, let’s take a look closer at its health benefits:

clove herb benefits

Contain Essential Nutrients

Clove contains minerals, vitamins, and fiber. So, adding flavor to your foods using ground or whole clove provides some essential nutrients. It is low in calories. However, clove is a rich source of manganese that is good for brain and bones.

High in Antioxidants

Besides that, clove is rich in antioxidant. For your information, antioxidant is a compound that reduces oxidative stress, which may contribute to chronic disease development. Fortunately, clove contains eugenol that acts as a natural antioxidant.

Protect Against Cancers

There are many researches showing that clove contains compounds that are helpful to protect against cancer. Besides that, there are some test-tube studies showing that clove contains compounds that can promote cancer cell death.

Kill Bacteria

With antimicrobial properties, clove is helpful to stop the growth of bacteria. There are also studies showing that clove can promote oral health due to its antimicrobial properties. So, one of the clove herb benefits is to kill harmful bacteria.

Improve Liver Health

Based on some studies, the clove’s beneficial compound can promote the health of liver. Even more, its compounds can also reduce oxidative stress as well as protect liver. Since it contains high antioxidant, it also prevents liver disease.

Regulate Blood Sugar

Then, clove is also useful to control blood sugar, thanks to its beneficial compounds. Test-tube & animal studies show that clove’s compounds are helpful to promote insulin production as well as lower blood sugar level.

Promote Bone Health

Many adults experience low bone mass. This condition may lead to osteoporosis that can increase the risk of fractures and breaks. Fortunately, clove is rich is manganese, a mineral involved in the formation of bone & very essential to hone health.

Reduce Stomach Ulcers

Some researches indicate that clove’s compounds can help treat stomach ulcers. Besides that, clove extract & oil can increase gastric mucus production.

The Risks of Clove

Even though you can find many clove herb benefits, it can cause problems if you add too many cloves in your cuisines. Probably, there are potential risks to consume large amounts of clove. Pregnant/breastfeeding women and children must avoid taking clove in medical doses or clove oil. In fact, clove oil can cause fluid imbalances, liver damage, or seizures to children.

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