clove herbal

Cloves are very useful because they are not only used for daily household usage, but we can also have them for clove herbal medicines. Clove is an exotic plant in Indonesia. When the flower buds are dried, cloves release good agents to solve any health issues. That is why Chinese and Ayurvedic herbal medicines are usually made of cloves.

Parts of Cloves for Clove Herbal Medicines

Before we dive deeper into the benefits of cloves, it is better to know which parts can be used for herbal medicines. Commonly, people dry clover flower buds so they can mince them and mix them with other herbal medicines. You can also use clove oils, leaves, and stems.

Mostly, cloves function as a pain killer or infection fighters. This is because clove oil contains eugenol, the chemical substance that can help to soothe the pain. For the same reason, many dentists use cloves to cure toothache and assist them during dental work.

clove herbal

Benefits of Clove Herbal Medicines 

1. Clove Treats Bad breath and Dental Pain

    Halitosis, known as bad breath, is caused by bacteria when food particles break down. This happens in or around your teeth. Clove gets rid of bad breath by removing the bacteria and cleaning your tongue, palate, and upper part of your throat. Aside from that, cloves also release a nice fragrance when bitten, so they will help you regain the good smell. Say no more to bad breath and toothache!

    2. Clove Gets You an Ideal Body

      Another benefit of clove herbal medicines is: it helps you maintain your body weight. A balanced weight also affects your health. For instance, it assists you to reduce stress on bones and joints which will make it easier to move. In addition, having an ideal weight can keep your cholesterol and blood sugar levels high. As a result, there is a smaller chance for you to obtain any kind of chronic disease. 

      The next question you have might be: how does clove herbal medicine prevent you from gaining weight? Cloves stimulate your metabolism, so you can digest the food better and faster. You can consume it along with cinnamon, pepper, and cumin seeds. This way, you will have a higher metabolic rate and lose some weight.

      3. Clove Helps to Control Diabetes

        Cloves have chemical substances that work as antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and pain-relieving agents. Its extract and nigericin reduce insulin resistance. Therefore, it keeps your sugar levels in check. In other words, it promotes insulin production that later on controls diabetes.

        Based on a study, clove, and fermented ginger supplements completed with anti-diabetic properties that help diabetic patients, especially Type 2 Diabetes.

        4. Clove prevents cancer

          Not only does it control diabetes, but clove also protects against cancer. Eugenol in cloves contains anti-carcinogenic properties. Moreover, clove extract stops the growth of a tumor and even causes cell death in cancer cells.  

          Besides, it also has betulinic acid and triterpenes substances. It helps to fight breast, ovarian, and lung cancer in its early stages. Isn’t it amazing? Clove herbalis so useful for a happy and healthy life!

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