indonesian herbs and spices

Based on the definition, Indonesian herbs and spices help enhance a food’s taste and are used as ingredients. This form can vary from seeds, fruit, roots, bark, plant substances, leaves, flowers, and even plant stems. 

Many recipes from these spices and herbs can provide many benefits. If we talk about spices, three names that cannot be separated from their connection are China, India, and Indonesia. Spices have been synonymous with these three countries. 

Indeed, India is a country that has earned the nickname of the world’s spice capital, but Indonesia also cannot be ignored as a producer of spices that influence the face of world cuisine.

But from just giving flavor to food, spices and herbs have other functions, from medicine to cosmetics. The importance of spices made it a hit list for Europeans in the 15th and 16th centuries, but its importance cannot be overlooked today. There are still many benefits that can be received from spices.

Benefits of Indonesian Herbs and Spices

Therefore, it is interesting to immediately discuss why this spice is needed. The importance of herbs and spices must be distinct from Indonesian food culture and those who prefer something spicy. Of the many types of typical Indonesian spices, these are the benefits of consuming Indonesian herbs and spices:

  1. Enhance the Taste and Flavor of Food

This can no longer be ignored, and everyone knows that spices play a significant role in enhancing the taste and aroma of food. Just a little spice is added to food, which can immediately be flavorful and aromatic. You should know that these spices can be added without adding calories, fat, sugar, or salt.

  1. Provide Nutrition

Many need to be made aware of this, but Indonesian herbs and spices have properties that positively impact human health. Spices usually have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial properties. Adding these different spices means helping to increase the nutrients the body needs, and these all come from natural plants!

  1. Preserving Food

One of the best ways to preserve food is to use spices. Its anti-microbial properties can help preserve the food if you don’t have a refrigerator. For example, meat rubbed and dredged with salt and added Indonesian herbs and spices can keep it at its best quality for extended periods.

How to Use Spices in Cooking Properly?

However, only some know how to use and use spices in cooking. All kinds of whole seasonings and powdered spices can be used and adapted to the cooking recipe. All of these Indonesian herbs and spices can be used for complex flavors.

So, it can be a little regarding how to use it. Adding a few spices is enough to perfect the prepared dish. If you add too much seasoning, it will make the taste and aroma too strong. Not everyone will like this.

Spices are widely known as additional ingredients which immediately increase the taste of food. Using the right spices in cooking will directly make the food taste perfect. Besides being used for food, Indonesian herbs and spices also function for health.

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