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Indonesia’s vast area and surrounded by active and non-active volcanic mountains make Indonesia very fertile for growing Indonesian spices. Many types of herbs can be found, and each region has its own characteristics in producing spices, and some of them have even received world recognition.

Various spices can be found from Sumatra to Papua, and each region has a particular spice that makes the taste very different from other foods. Each province certainly has a different flavor, adapted to the social and cultural background of the region.

And because of these different backgrounds, spice lovers can easily find the type that makes food according to the taste they like. In fact, this is not only in demand by the domestic market but has also become a target internationally. We must discuss Indonesia’s diversity and the richness of the world’s spice landscape.


Chili and Pepper are the Most Common Indonesian Spices that Never Miss Out from Any Indonesian Cuisines

If we talk about spices, especially those that are added to Indonesian specialties, then the seasoning ingredient that immediately crosses our minds is something spicy. Many kinds of spices can add a spicy taste, but the most common and widely used Indonesian spices are Chili and Pepper.

These two types of spices cannot be separated from typical Indonesian food. Both have one main task: to make the food served taste spicier and aromatic. Meanwhile, pepper is also used as a seasoning for cooking because its spicy taste is different from the taste of chili peppers.

These two Indonesian spices complement each other to add a spicy taste to food. Both pepper and chili can be used at the beginning or end of the cooking process. Just try to use these two types of spices immediately, and we guarantee that the aroma and taste of your cooking will be much more delicious.

More of Most Common and Used Indonesian Spices

Knowing that Indonesian cuisine is famous for its delicious and rich taste, one should also be curious about what makes it taste like this. The key word is the spices, and we will provide a list of the spices most used in Indonesian specialties, namely:

  1. Turmeric

This specific spice has a yellowish-brown color and a thin feature. Tumeric has a distinctive aroma but will make the taste a bit bitter. Tumeric is usually used to make yellow-orange foods, such as yellow rice, Opor, and curry.

  1. Onion and Garlic

It is also the most common Indonesian spices, an essential ingredient in cooking food. This will immediately make the taste of food more tasteful. Onions can also add a crunchy bite to food, perfect for use in Soto, Nasi Goreng, and even Porridge.

  1. Lime Leaves

The third place is a lot of debate, but we will confidently throw lime leaves into it. This will make the food taste fresher and more aromatic. Chop into pieces and blend with other ingredients in the cooking process.

Spices are a very much-needed ingredient when talking about Indonesian cuisine. This will add to the food taste to be spicier coupled with a hot aroma. The most common Indonesian spices are pepper and spices, followed by turmeric.

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