is black pepper healthy

There is no doubt that black pepper is tasty, but is black pepper healthy? People must be more conscious about their health and it means that they have to pay attention to every single thing they consume. Some people think that being healthy means that they cannot eat delicious foods. Nevertheless, delicious foods can be healthy, as well, especially if you add black pepper to your foods. 

Black pepper comes with several potential benefits for your health, but you must not forget that some side effects might come along with its benefits.

Potential Benefits

is black pepper healthy? Well, black pepper has several potential benefits for health, after all. Black pepper has active ingredients called piperine that can offer people various benefits for health.

First things first, black pepper can act as an antioxidant when it is consumed. These compounds will fight cellular damage associated with unstable molecules that are also known as free radicals. Various factors can cause free radicals, including poor diet, pollutants, smoking, sun exposure, and poor diet.

Black pepper also comes with other anti-inflammatory compounds, such as beta-caryophyllene and limonene essential oils that can be useful for protecting against disease, cellular, and inflammation.

Black pepper also shows a great function to improve specific nutrients and useful compounds absorption and function. It can improve curcumin absorption which will be great for better anti-inflammatory function.

If you have stomach problems often, you can try taking black pepper because it can promote better stomach function. It means that it may promote your digestion and also prevent diarrhea because it can stimulate the enzyme release in your intestines and pancreas. This way you can digest fat and carbs better.

Side Effects

Using black pepper when cooking is not a new thing because it seems that everyone is doing it for commercial and homemade foods. It is safe to consume black pepper, for sure, in the typical amounts used in daily cooking. You can also consume supplements with 5-20mg of piperine content per dose. This amount is pretty safe, after all.

However, you might consider consuming large amounts of black pepper or even taking supplements with a high dose of black pepper after learning more about its health benefits. It will lead to uncomfortable side effects, including burning sensations in your stomach or throat. Taking too much black pepper is not good, at all.

If you have to consume medications, you have to be careful with high-dose black pepper consumption because it can lead to the problem of absorption and availability of some drugs, such as antihistamines for relieving allergy symptoms.

It might be helpful if you are taking some medications that are poorly absorbed in your body. Nevertheless, it can also be dangerous because other medications can be absorbed highly.

That is why you need to consult your healthcare provider first before using black pepper or taking piperine supplements for getting its health benefits. The healthcare provider can help you be more informed about is black pepper healthy and possible drug interactions with high-dose black pepper intake.

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