clove how to use

Cloves have a lot of good health benefits for health, so maybe you wonder about cloves, and clove how to use it. Syzgium aromaticum, or what is usually called Cloves, is an exotic flower bud from Indonesia. Typically, people use cloves to add more spices and flavor to food, but they are also beneficial for medicines. Hence, we suggest you have fresh cloves or even ground cloves for these reasons.

Cloves: How to Use

Spice Up Your Food Flavour

Cloves produce a warm, spicy flavor in your food. Commonly, you can add them to your fruit pies. Apart from pies, any kind of condiment is also suitable for cloves, such as pickles and chutneys. Ham can also be another option. All you need to do is just crush the cloves and include them inside.

clove how to use

If you love sweets but want to add more flavor, you can also try them for your cakes and desserts. It will be perfect for your morning coffee figs. Cloves are also good for Asian food, especially Indian. The warm and spicy taste of clovers will make your curry or biryani rice even better. As a side drink, you can also try them on a glass of squash to compliment the taste.

Complete Your Drinks with Cloves

This might be a piece of good information about clove, and how to use it for your drinks. When you make your drinks during winter, cloves will complement the drinks very well. You can try to make hot cider, wassail, and mulled wine. You may also mix cloves with orange and cinnamon. Adding a pinch of cloves to your tea will make it more delicious too.

If you are having a rainy or snowy day, clove chocolate is also good. You can use 70% dark chocolate and pour some heavy cream into the cup. For a stronger and warmer taste, add little ground cloves, then stir them until they blend perfectly.

Keeping Your Household Safe

Aside from flavoring your food and beverages, here is the unique part about clove, how to use it. With a ground clove, you can create a clove & orange pomander. To put it simply, you can just pierce the orange with cloves. When the fruit dries, it will produce a lovely odor, so you can use it as a natural room fragrance. Hence, you do not need to use room fresheners anymore. During Christmas, clove & orange pomanders can be a meaningful yet beautiful gift since it is personally customized. 

If you smell the bad odors of mothballs, you can use cloves to cast them away. Ideally, when you place some cloves in the household, your rooms will be free of pests. You can also make a drawer liner by getting some clove oil.

In addition, if you have a toothache, you can pick up some cloves and bite them. Cloves will release a pain-killer enzyme in your mouth. Gradually, this soothes the pain for quite a while as first aid. However, you have to be careful not to swallow them. Hope this article helps you to get to know better about clove, and how to use it.

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