indonesian seasoning

Indonesian seasoning is one of the most tasteful cuisines in the world. Indonesian cuisine is famous for its deliciousness and rich flavors. Indonesia offers a wide variety of cuisines and flavors across the Indonesian archipelago.

The secret of this deliciousness is based on typical spices of this country used as seasonings for cooking. However, not many people know that this spice is native to Indonesia. This country is blessed with fertile land. The soil of Indonesia has even been declared a paradise due to the variety of plants growing there.

The food found in Java and Sumatra is better recognized globally. Meanwhile, branch further out to places like Sulawesi and you will find meat- and blood-stuffed bamboo tubes, and fresh-caught fish.


Tamarind and Lemongrass: the Indonesian Seasoning with Richest Flavour

When talking about Indonesian cuisine, there will be always spices and herbs. There are a lot of seasoning types in Indonesia. You will like their unique taste. First, there is tamarind. It is a type of the spice that has a sour taste and is used as a flavor enhancer in many dishes. In Indonesia, it is also called Asam Jawa. It is used in cooking by absorbing sour water and soaking spices in warm water.

However, some people use tamarind as a direct addition to their dishes. This spice makes the dish more luxurious. Besides cooking, juices are also made from this spice due to its health benefits. The second type of Indonesian seasoning which is the most used in cuisine is lemongrass. Native people called this spice Serai. Unlike tamarind, this spice is used to add good flavor to food. Indonesians use this spice to create delicious dishes with an enchanting aroma.

Lemongrass is crushed or whipped before being added to the dish. In addition, this spice also has good health benefits. It is good to treat indigestion, lowering blood pressure, smoothing the skin, and also prevents cancer.

Simple Recipe of Indonesian Seasoning

There are a lot of dishes using Indonesian spices and herbs. It is a light dish full of flavor and delicate taste. It can be adjusted to use fresh and available vegetables. You can prepare the ingredients and follow the steps as follows.

The ingredients are easily get even in your kitchen. You just need 2 slices of carrots and 1 slice of parsnip. Then, you have also prepared zucchini and yellow pumpkin. For the spices, there should be 1 tablespoon of tamarind paste and ¼ cup of chopped lemongrass. Besides the two Indonesian seasoning, you need water, maple syrup or sweetener, sesame oil, and soy sauce. As an additional taste, you can add crushed red pepper flakes, coriander, sea salt, black pepper, and green onions

The first step is to place the carrots and parsnips in the steamer and steam for a few minutes. Add zucchini and squash and sauté until vegetables are tender, about 5 minutes. Pour into the mixing bowl. Then, put the rest of the ingredients except the green onions in a powerful blender and mix well.

After that, pour over the vegetables and mix lightly. Garnish with green onions before serving. For another option, you can substitute 6-8 cups of various chopped vegetables. You can use kale, potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, sweet potatoes, or any other of your favorite vegetables.

When steaming vegetables, place the toughest vegetables in the steamer first. Add softened vegetables later when steaming. Besides the above spices and dishes, you can also find so many types of seasoning in Indonesia. You will get a unique taste with Indonesian seasoning. 

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