which cinnamon is good

In this article, we will take a look closer at which cinnamon is good. Of course, we should analyze the different types of cinnamon. Actually, there are hundreds of variations within the cinnamon herb family. However, there are only four varieties or types people often use for commercial purposes. Korintje, Saigon, and Cassian belong to the Cassia Cinnamon category as they are similar to each other with slight variations in coumarin content, shape, taste, and color. Most European countries mainly use Ceylon cinnamon. However cheaper cassia dominates the market. So, which it is good?

Which Cinnamon Is Good and Has Low Coumarin?

Coumarin is a substance which may cause liver damage or even complete failure. Since all types of it contain coumarin, only Ceylon that has low coumarin level. Even more, the German government bans cassia type. If you take it for a health reason, you have to switch to Ceylon type. For your information, the European Food Safety Authority made a tolerable daily intake of 0.1 mg/kg of coumarin in it.


About 70% of North America use cassia cinnamon. Then, Indonesia belongs to the biggest supplier of this spice. It is because cassia is much more affordable than Ceylon. Cassia is a hard bark which is spicy and smell very strong and sometimes even bitter.


Another type of it that is increasingly popular is Saigon Cinnamon. It comes from Vietnam and it makes a great first impression for its aroma & taste. It tends to be more spicy & sweet & strong at the same time. However, it is a bit pricier than cassia. Sadly, it comes with the highest coumarin levels. So, which cinnamon is good?


Its quality is not good. It tends to be less sweet, more pungent, and slightly bitter. It is probably because of the soil conditions. Maybe, most Chinese cinnamon stay in China and people use it in various Chinese medications.


This type grows best in sandy soil. Ceylon cinnamon trees grow up to 49 feet in their natural state. However, people often cut them earlier for commercial purposes. It comes with a thin bark and the leaves are shiny, leathery on top but dull on the underside. It has white flowers with an oval sized fruit. When ripe, it becomes bluish with white spots. When crushed, the leaves are spicy & hot. Meanwhile, peeling away the outer bark yields a strong smell of cinnamon. Its biggest advantage is ultra-low level of coumarin.

Health Uses of This Spice

When it comes to which cinnamon is good, Ceylon is really safe for you. You can use either cinnamon oil or stick depending on your desire. Ceylon is a must for fine desserts as it is not only subtle but also smells very mild as well as tastes slightly sweeter. Actually, it doesn’t take center stage in your recipe. However, it will add a complex flavor. Even though its smell is mild, it offers sophisticated & fragrant aroma if you grind & add it to French toast or baked goods.

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