Best black pepper variety

It is always interesting to find out what the best black pepper variety in the world is. Although Vietnam is the biggest country that produce this herb, in fact, the best variety isn’t from there. 

Pepper itself is the most important herb in the world. Due to it’s popularly, this ingredient is used in all over the world to make the foods are more delicious. 

This usage has been started for more than 3000 years ago. That is why; the demands of this commodity has been high since the ancient era where in that time, pepper could be used for paying the tax. Sometimes it was also used to pay a house rent, dowry, and more. That is why; the best black pepper variety can be more valuable for sure.

Tellicherry as the Best Black Pepper Variety

The process of making this herb is quite simple. However, it makes the taste of pepper is stronger, more natural, and spicy. It is especially for the black pepper that is freshly grounded. 

You must know that for about 10% of the total pepper plants that have the premium or big beans are the Tellicherry variety. It is a type that create the strongest and most spicy blackpepper in the world. 

That is why; a lot of people love the taste, especially if you are a herb lover. Mostly, this variety is found in India. Tellicherry itself is a name of a town in Kerala State, India. 

It is located in the Malabar Beach. Some people argue that the real Tellicherry variety must come from that town only. However, other think that it refers to the black pepper that has the bigger bean. 

Best black pepper variety

More about Tellicherry 

After knowing that Tellicherry is the best black pepper variety, you maybe also want to know about other interesting facts. If it is so, here are the further information that you have to read:

  1. It Has a Long History 

The name of this herb has a strong historical meaning. The importance of pepper from Malabar area was started from the Arabic trade in that era. Until know, Tellicherry is still so valuable. That is although mostly peppers supply in this world is coming from Vietnam. 

  1. The taste profile 

The bean of this variety has the fresh and bright taste. You will agree that it is more aromatic than other peppers. They have the citrus feel and really complex at the same time. 

  1. The Important substances inside

The good thing is that this best black pepper variety contains some essential substances that are good for our body. First is mineral where you can get 3% each for iron, calcium, and magnesium from a spoon of Tellicherry.

Then the next substance is piperine that is known as an active ingredient to raise the bio-availability of supplements and other medicines. The third substance is fiber where the amount is so rich. You will get 6% of fiber from a spoonful of this variety. That is enough to complete our daily need of fiber. 

  1. The Health Benefits

Since it contains so many important substances, this herb can give us a lot of advantages. Those are to handle our digestive system by increasing the gastric acid secretion. Then piperine substance can solve the cognitive problem by raising the brain’s function. Then this best black pepper variety can help you to handle the obesity by cracking the fatty cells.

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