is indonesian food spicy

Is Indonesian food spicy? There is no greater love between Indonesians and the various Indonesian sambal. In fact, we are so accustomed to the spiciness of our cuisine that foreigners asking for food recommendations may want to answer our advice with an asterisk.

Because our tolerance for hot food is far beyond mere mortal tolerance. So, when we say that Indonesia has such a hot food that even locals hesitate to eat it. From fruit salads drenched in hot sambal to breathtaking noodle soups.

Those delicious Indonesian dishes are best known for heating up the tongue. If you want to test your tolerance, try you can try many spicy Indonesian dishes that are sure to leave you craving milk at every bite.

black pepper

Ayam Betutu is Indonesian Food Spicy with Rich Taste 

Ayam Beutut is a Balinese fried chicken stuffed with spices. It is often cut in half to maximize the spiciness inside. Bali is different from most parts of Indonesia because of its many Hindu temples and unique tradition.

This is evident in the island’s famous Ayam Betutu delicacy. It is a whole chicken that is stuffed, spiced, and fried in a method known as betutu. The spice blends used in cooking vary, but the most common ingredients are turmeric, ginger, black pepper, and plenty of chili pepper.

The spice mixture is then rubbed into the chicken and stuffed, which is not as interesting as the original betutu recipe. There is also a wet version called Ayam Betutu Basah, served with a peanut and spice mix soup. It is Indonesian food spicy which should you try at least once in your life.

The chicken is then wrapped in pinang leaves, wrapped in a bed of burning rice husk, and covered in a clay pot for 8-10 hours. This results in a particularly tender and flavorful meat. Traditional recipes use duck, but chicken is often used instead.

Betutu was once reserved only for celebratory occasions due to its rather complicated method, but today the simpler pressure cooker is used instead. That said, the modernized version is still just as good, with delicious flavors and the meat is just as tender and flavorful as the traditional version. 

Ayam Geprek Is Indonesian Food Spicy with Spiciness Level

Ayam geprek is a crispy mashed fried chicken with generous sambal. It literally means mashed chicken and maybe 21st-century invention. However, it would be a mistake to underestimate the appeal of this dish.

Within a few years, ayam geprek became so popular that it can now be found all over Indonesia. Ayam Geprek has its roots in the spicy Indonesian dish Ayam Penyet, except that it uses KFC-like crunchy breaded fried chicken instead.

The chicken is then shredded and mixed with a marginal amount of chili paste. Melted mozzarella cheese is often added to the mix for an even more outlandish variation. It is Indonesian food spicy which become more and more popular among young people.

Moreover, there are more innovations in this food. It is also served with green chilies and instant noodles. This new combination of ayam geprek with indomie into one would be the best comfort food for noodles and spicy lovers.

These days, ayam geprek is often served with different types of sambal. Sambal bawang which is a chili paste mixed with shallots and garlic is the most common one. However, variations using raw Balinese sambal mata are not to be missed.

It is not only two of them but there are a lot of spicy cuisine in Indonesia. As a spicy lover, you might like this Indonesian cuisine. You should not be missed since you can test yourself is Indonesian food spicy or not.

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