One of the most famous spices that you could find in your kitchen is cinnamon. It originated from Cinnamomum tree barks. It has a unique smell to it and could be used as a food additive. The cinnamon stick itself is produced by eliminating the oil from the tree bark and then the bark is dried. The drying process makes the cinnamon barks roll up, creating the famous cinnamon sticks. This type of spice has been very popular since the Egyptian era and is considered a gift for kings. Nowadays, there are many uses for cinnamon inside and outside the kitchen. Here is everything that involves cinnamon in your daily life.

1. Spices for Food

The most common use of it is for food additives. It has a unique aroma and distinctive taste that could make your food taste richer. You must be familiar with it rolls. A combination of bread with sugar and ground cinnamon. You could also find this spice in numerous seasonal food. It is associated with hot beverages like coffee or tea. This spice is also heavily used for Asian and Mideastern traditional food, especially in Sri Lanka and India where the true cinnamon bark is found. Other than the sweet snacks, you could also add it to savory food to give an unexpected twist in flavor.

2. Food Preservatives

It contains polyphenols, one of the most famous antioxidants ever known. When added to food, it could be a great preservative. It could resist the growth of yeast or mold in the food. This is because it could act as an antifungal agent. Before chemical preservatives were found, it is used as a natural preservative. Not only giving the food longer shelf life, but it also adds to the flavor and aroma.


3. Pain Relieve

When you are experiencing stomachache or back pains during your period, you could rely on it. Add this spice to your tea and combine it with other herbs such as ginger. Drink it to ease your pain. You could also just drink this tea when you feel cold. The combination of ginger and it is a great thing to give you some warmth. Cinnamon itself also works as an anti-inflammatory agent that could relieve your pain.

4. Bugs Repellent

Another thing that it is good at is bug repellent. You could simply sprinkle some ground cinnamon around the places you want to keep the bugs away. Or you could also put a stick of cinnamon on your plants to keep away from unwanted bugs. Since it is a natural product, cinnamon won’t harm your plants when you put them around the plants. Chemical bug-repellent products have a higher risk of damaging your plants. When you have bug bites, you could also rub cinnamon sticks to ease the redness. It’s because cinnamon could work as an anti-inflammatory agent.

There are a lot more things you could do with cinnamon. Natural products that you could use whether you have cinnamon sticks, grounds, or even oil. It is surely a great spice to keep in your pantry. Even better if you know how to utilize it in your everyday life.

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