Clove is spice that may be found in savory foods, sweets, and beverages. Cloves, whether ground or whole, provide flavor to meats, sauces, even rice dishes. Cloves are frequently used in sweet foods, particularly “pumpkin pie” scented goods for the fall and winter holidays, as well as beverages such as mulled cider, wine, or chai. So, is clove a spice or herb? Some people say it is spice, some others say it is herb. It depends on the usage of clove itself.

What Exactly Are Cloves?

Clove is spice that come from the flower buds on an evergreen tree known as the Syzygium aromaticum or clove tree. Clove flower buds are picked while they are young and dried. Whole cloves are fashioned like a tiny, reddish-brown spike with a bulbous tip, about 1 centimeter in length. Cloves have a powerful, pungent flavor and perfume and can be utilized whole or crushed.

What Can Clove be Used for


Cloves are cultivated in India as well as Madagascar, although Indonesia is the country most closely linked with clove production. Indeed, the clove trade was so profitable in the Islands of Spice (now a part of Indonesia) that the British sold the islands away to the Dutch in 1667, during the 2nd Anglo-Dutch War, in return for a distant town called New Amsterdam. As a result, the Dutch traded Manhattan for cloves.

What do you think it tastes like?

Clove is spice a spicy, warm spice having a strong flavor and scent. The taste is provided by the chemical eugenol. On the tongue, you’ll perceive bitterness, sweetness, and astringency (mouth dryness), as well as a notable level of heat. Warm spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice are similar. These are frequently mixed in the pumpkin pie mix. Cloves are far more potent than their milder taste siblings, thus they are employed in much less quantities in an ingredient list or mix. Some individuals find the taste of cloves too strong and avoid using it altogether.

Cloves in Cooking

Cloves, whole or ground, are utilized to flavor soups, sauces, as well as rice dishes, particularly a variety of traditional Indian foods, and it is one of the ingredients in garam masala. Whole cloves can either be plucked out from the dish or taken out before serving. Whole cloves have an extremely rough, woody feel that is difficult to bite on even when cooked.

Cloves, especially ground cloves, appear in a variety of sweets, especially during the holidays. Consider the flavors of eggnog or even pumpkin pie spice. Cloves are frequently used with cinnamon and nutmeg, yet in general, use cloves lightly.


Purchasing whole cloves allows you to simply make ground cloves as required. This is ideal since ground cloves, such as any ground spice, lose power and taste depth fast. You may utilize a spice grinder, a pestle and mortar, as well as a clean coffee grinder that you have set aside for this reason. Because the clove flavor and scent will persist, make sure to thoroughly clean the grinder before using it with other spices.

If you have no cloves, a similar quantity of allspice can be substituted in a recipe. Alternatively, as a clove alternative, use equal parts nutmeg and cinnamon. If you interest to know more information about Indonesia herb spices, you can visit our website. You can also click link WhatsApp here to connect directly with us.