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Clove is the English word for the herb of the same name. They are for cooking to provide a pungent, strong flavor. In some dishes, such as apple pie, clove is useful for the pie’s distinctive fragrance. It is also useful for flavoring toothpaste, soaps, and perfumes. When ingested in large amounts, cloves can be toxic, but when for cooking, usually at a low percentage, clove spice can be safely used in moderation.

Clove’s History

Clove is a spice derived from the flower buds of the clove tree. Farmers usually pick and dry them and they are often useful for flavor spicy foods. It is also useful for preparation of certain types of beverages. Clove is a member of the mint family. The best way to use cloves is to pick the flower buds from a clove tree and dry them. You can then store them in a sealed container in a dark, dry place.

Clove’s Uses

Cloves have many uses. Its properties are so amazing that they make this spice one of the most effective medicinal ingredients. In addition, cloves still have many uses in our daily lives. Among them, it can be a spice in cooking and also in aromatherapy.

There are many dishes that use cloves. Among them, cloves can work well with pepper powder, ginger, and turmeric, according to Dishes with cloves are Middle Eastern and Indian dishes. Cloves are commonly used for seasoning poultry and meat. Sometimes cloves are also used for making curry spice.

Clove oil is commonly and widely used for medicine. Due to its high eugenol content, clove oil is widely used for oral and dental antiseptics. The easiest way to use cloves as a traditional medicine is to either stack the cloves until smooth or add them to hot water as a health drink.

Due to its amazing properties, cloves can also be for aromatherapy. This is very suitable for relaxing the body after work or a day’s activities. You can also add cloves while taking a warm shower after work. The essential oil produced from cloves is This is because it relieves pain in the feet and hands.

clove spices

How To Use Clove Spice In Cooking

Cloves are a powerful flavor that is often for cooking. It is a spice that is from the clove flower, which has a distinctive flavor. It is for baking, especially in pumpkin pie, but it can also be used in many other dishes. The clove spice is most commonly for dishes that include pumpkin, honey, bread, and cookies. 

It is also often for meat dishes, such as braised lamb shanks. You can find the clove spice for dishes that are enriched with milk and cream, such as milk and honey panna cotta. It is best to use the clove spice in moderation.


Clove is a spice that has a warm, sweet, and aromatic flavor. It is a staple in Indian and Northern African cooking. Clove is usually for breads, meats, and vegetables. It is also for desserts like fruit tarts and pies. Clove spice is a great spice to have in your spice rack.

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