What can clove be used for? You must already know that cloves are widely used in the manufacture of cigarettes. Many people also use this spice in cooking because it contains so many nutrients. For example, calcium, carbohydrate, fibre, and magnesium. It also has important chemical compounds for the body, such as eugenol, flavonoid, resin, lipid, and tannin.

Besides being beneficial for cooking, cloves also have benefits for beauty. According to Solstice Medicine Company, cloves’ benefits for beauty have been used around 1500 years ago. Below are the advantages of cloves for beauty.

Things your need to know about what can clove be used for

Getting Rid of Panda Eyes

Clove oil is great to get rid of dark circles on the eyes, or also known as panda eyes. If you cannot find clove oil in your area, you can make it yourself. Put 5 to 10 cloves into a closed glass container with a volume of 30 ml. If you use clove powder, put ¼ cup of clove powder into the one with a volume of 350 ml. Pour olive oil into the container so that it is 2,5cm more than the cloves.

Make sure you tightly close the container, then shake it 3 times to 4 times. Leave it in a dark place for 10 days to 14 days. Make sure it is tightly closed to prevent any contamination. After 14 days, you can use the clove oil. Thinly apply it under your eyes to remove panda eyes.

Treating Acne

Acne is one of the most common skin problems that many people experience, both women and men. If you prefer to treat acne with natural ingredients, you can use cloves. You just need to boil cloves and drink the water. Drinking clove water can also make your skin feel smoother. Drink it on a regular basis to get optimum results.

Treating Oily Skin

What can clove be used for? Besides acne, cloves can also treat oily skin. Cloves have astringent properties that can reduce excessive oil as well as tighten large pores. If you want to treat your oily skin with cloves, use 3 drops of clove oil and apply it to your face. Do not forget to clean your face with toner first before applying the clove oil.

Preventing Hair Loss

With so many hair conditioner products that use cloves as one of the ingredients, it proves that this spice is also good for hair. You can use cloves as a natural ingredient if you have problems with hair loss. It is easy to prevent hair loss with cloves. You just need to apply clove oil to your hair as a conditioner after washing your hair.

Leave it for at least 5 minutes, then cleanly wash your hair. Besides preventing hair loss, clove oil is also believed to be effective in treating dry hair, making it dark and healthy.

Those are the benefits of cloves for beauty. Besides the benefits mentioned above, this spice still has other benefits, such as fading scars and improving hair growth. – what can clove be used for.

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