Many people remain wondering about whether is cinnamon a herb with tons of benefits. It sounds straightforward for some people, but it is a pivotal thing for others. So, what group does cinnamon belong to then?

What Is Cinnamon A Herb?

It is crucial to know about the so-called cinnamon in the first place before talking about whether it is a herb or not. This thing comes from tree species under the genus of Cinnamomum. That name refers to the general group of those trees. It means that there are only some trees from that particular group that will become the final product of cinnamon. More importantly, it comes from the bark of those trees to produce cinnamon.

The most well-known source of cinnamon is the one called Cinnamomum verum or simply Ceylon cinnamon. It is the primary source of commercially grown cinnamon for numerous purposes in the industry. So, what about the question is cinnamon a herb?

Nevertheless, there are other types of the so-called cinnamon itself. Globally there are four widely-known variants of this particular thing. Yet the other type to find easily in stores is the so-called cassia cinnamon from Asia.

Herbs and Spices

It is pivotal to understand the terms herbs and spices when talking about cinnamon. That specific term is widely used on many occasions which involve numerous products and materials. The so-called herbs come from the leaves of many trees and plants. Meanwhile, things that come out of other parts of trees or plants but the leaves are called spices. In other words, cinnamon is a spice.

It is that way because cinnamon comes mostly from the bark of trees. On some occasions, the seeds of the flowers are also there in creating an end product of cinnamon. At this point, it is easy to understand the answer to the question is cinnamon a herb?

The Uses of Cinnamon

Since cinnamon is one of many types of spice, many people know its use in cooking and baking. Some people like to add a bit of cinnamon powder to their drinks as well. Coffee, milk, and tea can become more flavorful with cinnamon for many people.

On many occasions, the use of cinnamon is for the aroma or scent. It is easy to notice a hint of cinnamon scent in cookies or cakes. Therefore, it is reasonable for some people to use the extract of cinnamon as a form of essential oil.

Apart from those things mentioned before, cinnamon comes with beneficial effects. It is one of the most popular spices to use in home remedies for a variety of conditions. Therefore, it is necessary to have it at home.

It is common to add cinnamon to many occasions since it is a spice. Moreover, many benefits come from the so-called cinnamon itself. Some of the benefits are even related to health matters. Nevertheless, it remains crucial to know the appropriate ways to use it. In the end, the answer to the question is cinnamon a herb is clear since it is fundamentally a spice.